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Loose Plum Muslin Buffs - 3/8" AH

Made of the same treated fine-weave muslin with combed edges and leather centers as our stitched plum muslin buffs, but without stitching.

Holds compound extremely well, outlasts conventional white or yellow muslin buffs and produces an amazing finish on soft metals such as gold and silver (especially when used with rouge or yellow glow compounds.

Note: These buffs have 3/8" diameter arbor holes for use on 3/8" arbor shafts. Not for use on tapered spindles.

Stitched buffs have multiple concentric rows of stitching which stiffens the buff.  Generally, stitched buffs are used for cutting compounds (such as Tripoli) on soft metals.  On harder metals like platinum, palladium, steel and stainless steel, Stitched Buffs are used for both cutting compounds and polishing compounds such as rouge.

Loose buffs are much softer and more flexible, follow contours easily, and are generally used for final polishing with rouge or other high-shine compound.