HRLINE Animal Fat Free Polishing Compounds

HRLINE polishing compounds by Merard are animal fat free compounds manufactured in France. These compounds satisfy the regulations present in medical device manufacturing for the production of orthopedic, surgical, and dental implants. The HRLINE uses the highest quality aluminum oxide abrasive and animal fat free binders to allow for faster cutting and reduced cleaning time.

All HRLINE compounds weigh 500g (approx 1.1lb), 40 x 225mm (approx. 1-1/2" x 8-7/8"). Made in France.

Pink Solid Compound: For medium and dry preparation on all metals. Hard cutting, easy to clean.

White Solid Compound: For polishing on all metals. Fine cutting, easy to clean.

Orange Solid Compound: For super finishing on titanium, precious metals, cuprous metals, lacquers, resins. Easy to clean.