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Pegwood Sticks

Multipurpose round wood stick that can maintain a fine point and resist breaking, even when being pushed into a hole. Ideal for lapping with diamond compound, when gluing or for use as a dop stick. Measure approximately 6" long and can be dressed with a knife or file. Use by hand or with reciprocating or rotary tools.

Pegwood Sticks are made of genuine Hornbeam wood. Available in 2 diameters: 3mm and 4mm and packaged in a bundle of 20 sticks. Made in France.

Unfortunately, natural wood products cannot guarantee to be consistent in all characteristics such as size and hardness/softness.

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Diameter Item Length Package Size Price Quantity
3.00mm 6" Pkg. of 20 $12.95
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4.00mm 6" Pkg. of 20 $12.95
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