Accessories & Parts

  • Collet 3/32" for the Foredom® BL-1A Bench Lathe

    Collet 3/32" for the Foredom® BL-1A Bench Lathe

    sku: 8505420

    The unit comes with this 3/32" collet but we know sometimes you need to replace it,  We also carry a few other parts such as the 1/8" Collet, the Collet Holders, and the Right Wheel and Left Wheel Mandrels, a Jacob Chuck Arbor with key allows...

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  • Diamond Lazer Point

    Diamond Lazer Point

    sku: 8503590

    It’s easy to achieve the beautiful “lazer” finish on jewelry with this diamond point tool. Insert into our Swiss Hammer Handpiece and use with a flexible shaft machine. Lazer points taper so that narrow or tight areas can be...

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  • Foredom® Anvil Points

    Foredom® Anvil Points

    sku: 8503780

    These tips fit all popular brands of hammer handpieces. All 6 tips are made of heat treated solid steel with threaded shanks measuring 3/32" diameter (2.35mm). Fits 1/8-48 US and all standard 3mm threads. Fits Swiss-made Badeco hammer handpiece, see...

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